I often hear, and feel, the refrain…”I don’t have time to create 1,000,001 social posts. I have a job”.

That is where the beauty of digital marketing lives! When I first started out I thought that every single thing I put out in the social-sphere had to be perfect, original and award-winning. But NO! I’m here to tell you that one piece of digital content can indeed be at least 10 different things. Here’s how:

Asset #1: Write a blog that everyone reads and doesn’t skip through (I’m talking to you…stop scrolling) and send it to your email list.

Asset #2: Go to Canva (or another easy graphic design app) and take the salient points of the blog and make 4-5 slides that follow along with blog content. Post these in order on Instagram.

Asset #3: PDF the blog and post it on your company page on LinkedIn. Users can flip through in this format.

Asset #4: Copy and paste the blog into an article on your personal LinkedIn so it shows up on your personal feed as an article written by you.

Asset #5: Place the blog on your website.

Asset #6: Post about the blog on FB and place the link to it on your website.

Asset #7: Go live on your favorite medium (FB, IG, LinkedIn) and talk about the subject you wrote about. Invite people to sign up for your newsletter.

Asset #8: Take the video from the live and chunk it down into soundbites that you can post at various times on social media.

Asset #9: Create a gif from the video in Gifphy to promote the topic and post on social.

There are many more ways you can repurpose content, these are just a few. The key is to stay organized and as you create these pieces of content save them in a centralized place. Surprise: you will use them more than once.

Asset #10: Do it all over again with the same assets you have already created 6 months after you use it the first time. (Believe me, not everyone saw it the first time)

Bonus Tip: Use StreamYard to do your lives and you will be able to rerun pre-recorded lives as if they were live again on FB or LinkedIn. (Not on IG).

Once you get into a rhythm this will become second nature and you will see that creating content doesn’t need to overwhelm you. Once you have a treasure trove of pre-produced content, life will be even easier. Or…you could hire someone to help you (wink, wink).

I hope these tips help you embrace creating conversation through digital marketing. It truly is an important marketing tool for every business.