Email as a marketing tool is not dead. What is dead is personalization that goes wrong or an abundance of automated conversation that doesn’t hit the mark.

The creation and automation of an email funnel can be very effective. Mail providers like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact allow the ability for a whole relationship to be built without you lifting the proverbial finger. This saves you, as the marketer, time and headache. However, setting it up correctly is imperative, and checking on it regularly is a must. Here are a few tips to keep your automation running smoothly and effectively.

1) Give the recipient some space. You may have a lot to say and want to say it quickly because…well..you are excited! However, we need to remember that the recipient of your automation has many emails coming into their inbox. You are but one of them and if you are lucky, since they did something to opt into the automation, they will open your email. However, give them time to breathe in between. Depending on your goal wait at least 2 days. Most of the time a weekly email works well. Stick to what gets opened.

2) Look at your funnel analytics. Where are your contacts dropping off? When do they stop engaging? Is it the 3rd email? The 2nd? The 1st? Find the hole and make sure to plug it. If you have a 5 email automation and no one opens that 5th email, why is there a 5th email? Could you have said everything in 3 emails?

3) Keep it short and sweet. Emails are best when they don’t qualify for a college dissertation. Use long and short sentences in your first paragraph to ease them in. Say what needs to be said, thank them and get out. Short, sweet, helpful.

4) Use personalization wisely. When you personalize your email automation using the recipient’s name or any other information, make sure that personalization is working. (See tip below)

5) Check for automation duplication. Do you have more than one automation that someone could be a part of? If so, are they receiving 10 emails a week from you?

6) Keep a fresh list. An automated email that is crucial is one that goes out to those who haven’t opened your emails in 3 months. That email can ask them if they would still like to receive communication from you. If they opt out it helps keep your email list fresh. Fresh email lists are a friend to SPAM filters AND you don’t have to pay for a contact that isn’t in the market for you.

These are a few ideas to keep your email communications working hard for you. What are some other ideas that you employ when email marketing? I would love to hear from you. Please email me at amanda@hiredigitaldesk.com.