No, Keanu Reeves hasn’t finally proposed (he is very shy). The type of engagement I am talking about is a little different. It’s engaging with your audience.

Many times when I work with clients they are stumped as to why their social platforms aren’t driving business. They spend tons of time curating amazing posts and looking at analytics, and yet…that audience needle isn’t moving. Their profiles stay at the same audience level, or sadly less, than they were prior to all of their effort.

So what’s happening…or not happening?

Let me be the first to say numbers are not everything. If you have 100 followers who actually pay attention to what you post and are actively consuming your content that is better than 10,000 followers who never pay attention to what you have to offer. So, stop kicking yourself about the lack of a big number audience.

Growing your audience in the right way takes more than the right hashtags and the right content. The algorithms that every social platform uses want YOU to engage with THEM. What does this mean? Simply put, if you pay attention to LinkedIn (FB, IG, etc) they will pay attention to you.

Spend time and yes…get engaged. Getting engaged means liking, commenting, and sharing the posts of those you wish to have engaged with your content. When you do that…the computer that is the social platform will notice and start serving your wonderfully curated content up to those it thinks will be interested in it and wahla…new (interested) audience members are found.

Challenge yourself.

For the next week, spend 5-10 minutes a day liking, commenting, sharing content from your target audience and USING the social platforms that you are trusting your company with. At the end of the week look at your profile insights. How much has your audience grown? How much has your engagement overall grown? Email me and let me know!