If you have spent any time on Instagram you are most likely familiar with “link in bio”. “Link in bio” is what is used when the goal of a post is to get you to visit somewhere else…an article, a lead page, a website, etc. Instagram, for all of its wonderful features, lacks the ability to link to more than one clickable url. For this reason, the “link in bio” has become its own movement.

There are of course many ways to get around this. You can use third party solutions such as:

These third-party solutions allow for free and paid versions. You then can place as many links as you want on a page and customize that page as much as your subscription level allows. These services give you one URL to place in your Instagram bio. When you post “link in bio” wahla…followers click on your Linktr.ee and are treated to every link you want to give them.  

This is cool, right? Yes, to a point. If you have someone handling your social media and they don’t have design access to your website this is can be a great option. It’s fast and easy to update and these services do have some nice customization options. However, you lose out on the opportunity to have followers enter your digital ecosystem via your own website.

The best alternative, if you can, is to have a page built into your website but not accessible from your navigation bar. You then place this page URL in your IG bio. This page will look and feel like your site and include all of the links you want to provide. There is so much opportunity with this. Think about what you could include:

  • Lead page links
  • Affiliate links
  • Discount links
  • Article links
  • Newsletter registration link

and so much more.

Now, not only will your followers feast on all of the content you want to share with them, they can also visit other areas of your site and learn more about your products & services. Search engines will also see that people are visiting your site and clicking on more than one page. These are both indicators to the search engines that your site is worth recommending.

The downside of this approach is that if you do not have access to this page readily you won’t be able to update it in a timely manner in order to add links for your posts. However, the pros of this strategy far outweigh the cons and you can get around this with a little planning.

Here is an example of my page. I call it “The Vault”.

Whichever way you choose, it will up your Instagram game. Remember, don’t post URLs in your posts. Always say “link in bio” and make sure to have the RIGHT link in bio.

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