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Digital Desk Client Onboarding



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Note On Social Posting

If I post to social media for your brand please keep an eye on the comments, etc. I do not respond to comments for clients as the client is the expert in their space. The same for any advertising that will run. I do try to keep a look out for things but the responsibility for response or editing of comments is the clients.

Do you have a Facebook Business Manager Account?
If yes, do you know how to put me on as an admin?

If you answered no and I am handling your Facebook account, I will need to login to your personal facebook. I will email you when I do and let you know when I leave the account. You can then change your password. Alternatively, you can open a LastPass account to share passwords with me.

Would you like me to review your website for content and SEO Titles/Meta Descriptions? If yes, please answer the above regarding login.
Do you want me to work on your Google Business Page? If yes, add me as an admin.


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